Today is a sunny beautiful Monday!  Reminds me of a couple Sundays ago…driving down Union Centre Boulevard , getting close to Lakota West baseball fields. That’s when I glance over to see someone, (Coach or Dad) working with a little girl on the softball field. I turn around quickly, and head towards the fields, because I don’t see that very often….. I pull up, and head towards the field  to introduce myself.

I first asked the gentleman, “Are you a softball coach?” he responded “No, I’m Butch and thats my daughter”. I said “that’s great” because I don’t see

alot of dads working with their daughters on their game, like your doing. Butch (the dad) was throwing BP to his daughter, with a windmill style pitching…she was raking!! I would say she’s about 11 or 12 years old, working on her bunting and slashing technique. I asked who she play for,and dad responded “Liberty Blazers”. While Butch was working on his daughter’s game, he had the car hatchback up, with the music blaring :)…. this was a beautiful scene!