When I’m driving by a ball field, or at the batting cages…watching a dad teaching their kid how to play baseball, brings on a big smile:)

I’m a dad that works with his sons, and I understand why it’s important for fathers to play the important role in a kids life. Teaching the basic fundamentals: hitting, fielding, throwing, and game situations will help with your kids gain confidence.

I have also witnessed the dads who just sit on the sidelines, while someone else teaches your kid how to play, can leave an unpleasant and empty feeling. This is why I founded “My Dad And I” baseball and softball camps…you don’t have to be that dad feeling unqualified to help and enjoy that time with your son or daughter.

The focus of the camps will allow the dads (parent) to train alongside of their kid, while learning skills that will help that build the father relationship with their kids.

Most men are competitive and want to learn the correct fundamentals. Teaching and playing with your kids will encourage them and develop work ethic.

Sign up for a “My Dad And I” Camp in your area by visiting www.mdaibaseballacademy.com


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