Hopefully,  John Matarese from Channel 9  won’t be upset with my own “Don’t Waste Your Money” segment. Recently over the last several weeks I have witnessed several of players not progressing in their training. Understand that I am a parent, and second… I am a coach, so when players come to me for training I expect to see results over a period of time.

My first encounter was several weeks ago…I had to tell a parent, that I didn’t see any progress in their son (over 6 training sessions), and I didn’t think that he or they was working on problems that I had identified previously, to enhance his progression. Also the position they wanted him to play, he didn’t have the skills to play. He really needed to work on those basic functional movements to become a better at (fielding & hitting). When I told the parents, I didn’t want to train the son anymore, they were pretty mad at me. First, I want to say…I have integrity and I am not going to continue scheduling a session, not seeing progress, and the parents continue making payments. That’s not me!!!

First, instructors we are NOT miracle workers, and sometimes it takes a little longer for kids to understand muscle memory and visualize what is being taught. Second kids and parents have to work on the drills at home, for them to get better. If not…then parents “Your Wasting Your Money”.

My second encounter was a parent who text me about hitting lessons for the winter. She also said that her son struck out three times in his last game. So I responded…Maybe he is over-thinking, and putting a lot of pressure on himself. Then my next question was: “Does he spend time hitting at home, or working on his swing off the tee?” The mother answered: “No he doesn’t practice at home…our yard isn’t big enough really and it’s on a hill.”

So you have it…Parents this is your hard earned money going to waste if you don’t make sure that your son or daughter is working on their game at home. Hard work and discipline starts at home! If your son or daughter is not making a commitment to practice then….”DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY”

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