Back in 2004, Jim Leyland who is currently the Manager of Detroit Tigers, had a
select baseball team from Pittsburgh, called Beaver Valley Red. We were 13 or 14 ,
and they were ranked #1 in the country at that time. Of course we were all in
the Flames Tournament @ Tealtown in Batavia. Our team (West Chester Sluggers) were good also, ranked in the top 20 in the country,and #1 in Ohio. In this tournament there was (7) kids drafted out of this class of 2009 in 2012. Several kids were drafted twice, and lots of D1 college signees.

OK…. this team of Jim Leyland was pounding teams around the country, like 40-2, and 35-0
etc. Their record was 54 – 0! Plus @ this age they had a shortstop by the name of Zach Sinclair, who was 6’2″ or 6’3″ which was crazy…. nothing exaggerated here:) That was the best played game of all-time here in Cincinnati,and if you haven’t been to Tealtown and played, every person that was watching other games, left their game to watch ours. Our Sluggers team end up beating Coach Leyland’s team 23 – 11, which is a run rule. Also the catcher on that team (Marcus Heath) was my son Ricky’s roommate and teammate in college. So thats how I know Jim Leyland….I will be rooting for him to win this years World SeriesLaughing

UH OH… they are down 2 – 0 in the series.