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Hey Dad…I need your help with hitting!

The other day I had a new student with his dad, attend their first training session with MD&I Baseball Academy. The first session, is always a evaluation session to work on various skills: hitting, fielding and throwing. It’s also a good way to see if the player is comfortable with training, and if its a […]

Ricky Finley | MD&I Baseball Academy

MD&I Proud Parent Moment

We are introducing a new feature here at MD&I Baseball Academy.  It’s called the Proud Parent Moment.  One of the most fun aspects of participating in sports with your children is the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. MD&I strives to be a family that coaches families.  This mean that we want to hear about the […]

What's the Hurry? | MD&I Baseball Academy

What’s the hurry from 7 – 9 years old…PARENTS!

    Since establishing MD&I Baseball Academy in 2011, I have worked young players from 7 years old to players who are playing in college. I’ve also been hired to coach several travel baseball organizations. During indoor training sessions in the winter, I get to see lots of players, but what is alarming is the growing trend of select teams from […]


Parents… are you doing your research? Are you asking the right questions when it comes to picking an organization for your child… Are you choosing your team because it’s brand recognition, because it gives you and your kid “bragging rights”? Does your child have the skills to play at the select level? Are you choosing […]


Hopefully,  John Matarese from Channel 9  won’t be upset with my own “Don’t Waste Your Money” segment. Recently over the last several weeks I have witnessed several of players not progressing in their training. Understand that I am a parent, and second… I am a coach, so when players come to me for training I […]


Today is a sunny beautiful Monday!  Reminds me of a couple Sundays ago…driving down Union Centre Boulevard , getting close to Lakota West baseball fields. That’s when I glance over to see someone, (Coach or Dad) working with a little girl on the softball field. I turn around quickly, and head towards the fields, because I don’t […]